Pronetworker Services

What Else Can We Do?

Companies today are always looking for more and creative ways to better connect with their clients. Many have found that an event is a great way to bridge this gap. Interacting with a client outside of the normal office setting shows the versatility of a company. Face to face engagement with a client strengthens the relationship and promotes loyalty. Events are the perfect solution.

Not only are we a resource center for events, we are active in other aspects of events. Here are a couple of our other expertise:

  • Event Creation
  • Event Hosting/Managing
  • Event Consulting

Event Creation

Most companies that need to create an event are not “Event Creating’ business… Good thing we are. Our team can create an event for any company that is looking to attract a business/professional crowd. The one thing that makes us different from a general event planner is probably the most important thing; we can also bring the crowd!
Some of our services include:

  • Create Event Theme
  • Create Marketing Strategies
  • Create Revenue Models for ROI and Profit
  • Identify Potential Sponsors/Vendors/Donors
  • Resource Of ProNetworker’s Extensive Database

Event Managing

Events can be very labor intensive. It is almost impossible managing an event and interacting with your attendees. Problems seem to always arise when you are engaged with your best client… Let our team handle task such as registration, food management, event schedule, etc. The more we do, the more time you spend with your guest.

Some of our services include:

  • Manage Onsite Registration
  • Manage Marketing Campaigns
  • Maintain Communication With Staff
  • Oversee Run of Show

Event Consulting

Typically, people who host business events do it because there is something they want to provide; education, resources, or connections. Unfortunately, none of that matters if no one shows up, or even worse, those that do are not enjoying themselves. Because of our extensive involvement with events, we have learned a thing or two. Our goal is to provide you information that will make your event successful enough that you continue having events that we can list for our readers.

Some of our services include:

  • Marketing Strategies
  • Revenue Strategies
  • Event Experience
  • Growth Projections