About Pronetworker

ProNetworker is a centralized resource center for business events; networking events, seminars, expos, workshops, lunch & learns, etc. If it is a business event, you will find it here.

The 3 C's

New connections produce; new clients which increases revenue, new collaborations which promotes growth, and interaction with new competitors which challenges value of product/service.

Our Mission

PRO NETWORKER’s mission is to provide resources to sales professionals that enables and encourages business growth through face to face networking. We believe that relationships are cemented with the good old fashion ‘Hand Shake’. This foundation promotes long-term stability and growth.

Who Benefits

Sales persons grow their businesses when we show them where to meet new people. Event organizers grow when we help get more people to their events.


Are You A ProNetworker?


  1. Professional Networker.
  2. In favor of, supports, promotes networking.
  3. One who actively meets new people for developmental purposes. Understands that people represent resources, resources equal solutions, and solutions lead to growth.


The Networking Ratio

  • Instant Client
  • Connectors
  •  Potential Client
  •  New Perspectives & Experiences